• Regular Storage

We have storage solutions for every situation

We live in an age of convenience, so why is storage can be expensive and stressful ? At Versatile Moving, we’ll pick up and deliver any stuff from your home or office and vice versa during 24*7.We are highly aware that safety, convenience, and competitiveness are the three main factors that determine consumers’ storage decisions.

Versatile Moving meets these expectations because:

* Short-term and long-term storage units are available

* All sizes are available – from a small unit to large ones

* Storage facilities are climate controlled for the right year-round temperature range that protects everything from your fine clothing to furniture

* Professional surveillance cameras and intrusion alarm systems protect storage facilities

* Our storage locations are close to public transportation and highways

* Convenient payment options and long-term price packages are available

We are available 7 days a week to assist our customers at 416-77-00-99-5


  • Containers Storage


residential-storage-container380x261Versatile Moving is specialising in new, used, modified and customised containers for rent with fast next few days delivery direct to your worksite, business or home. We have a variety of mobile storage units ready to deliver to you – from 12ft to 40ft containers – for all your mobile storage needs. When you book our storage unit to rent you can expect a convenient, flexible and affordable service. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

We’re the affordable storage solution for a variety of markets:

Residential – if you want a simple way to store your stuff
Commercial – we understand the need for additional storage for financial records, office supplies, furniture, or expanding your warehouse.
Construction – whether you’re looking to pack away off-season goods, need simple on-site storage for your restoration or remodel clients, or need off-site storage to keep extra inventory

What differentiate us from our competitors is that our containers are waterproof and ventilated. Also our containers have insulted wall panels providing thermal benefits and are easily maneuverable. It provides simple and ideal storage solutions hence protecting your valuable belongings from the harsh Canadian climate.

Let Versatile Moving bring a container right to you. You can pack your stuff at your own convenience or using our professional movers to store at your residence or we can pick up a conainer and take it to our secure storage facility, bringing it back whenever you need it. Once in our storage facility, you have unlimited access – ensuring you can retrieve anything you might need.

If you want a simple way to store your stuff, look no further than Versatile Moving – 416-77-00-99-5 

  • Shipping Containers Worldwide 


shipping-containers1380x261Versatile Moving global reach extends to over 120 countries, with a network of global and regional shipping services that connects your business to strategic ports around the world. When working with Versatile Moving you are assured comprehensive geographical coverage via a complex feeder network operating from hub ports on all major international trade routes.

At every stage of the supply chain, Versatile Moving trusted business partners and affiliates form a network of shipping agents with specialized local knowledge to tailor your solution so it’s a perfect fit.
We provide guidance and assistance for every type of cargo – no matter how unusual – based on Versatile Moving expertise and capabilities. In partnership with our affiliates, Versatile Moving successfully solves any logistical challenge with tailor-made shipping solutions to meet your requirements and honor your preferences.

Steel shipping containers are rectangular and can vary in length and height. Standard container lengths are 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. Despite their varying lengths standard containers share a common width of 8ft on the outside.

A standard container is 8.5ft tall on the outside, a high-cube container is 9.5ft tall on the outside.

The most common type of shipping container is a standard 20 ft container, with an interior volume of 1,169 cubic ft (33.10 m3) and outside dimensions as follow:

Imperial: 19ft 10.4″ long x 8ft wide x 8.5ft tall

Metric: 6.058 m long x 2.438 m wide x 2.591 m tall

A standard 40’ steel shipping container, with an interior volume of 2,394 cubic ft (67.8 m3), measures twice as long:

Imperial: 40ft long x 8ft wide x 8.5ft tall

Metric: 12.192m long x 2.438m wide x 2.591m tall