Duke-City-Movers-Office-Commercial-Mover-Albuquerque-NM-3Versatile Moving offers services ranging from free estimates and project consultation, design, and management as well as installation of furniture, shelving and file systems as well as all your relocation needs. Our corporate clients include major  insurance companies, law firms, accounting offices, retail stores, restaurants, bakeries, dentist and medical offices, entertainment companies and manufacturers.
Versatile Moving specializes in corporate, retail and industrial relocations. We have the credentials to handle any type and any size job. Packing, storing and shipping office and furniture or factory equipment requires a different set of skills than those involved in residential moves. Time is also of the essence.There is a lot to consider during a move. First, there is generally more to move than first thought. From office furniture to computer equipment to breakroom items to even the artwork on the walls, everything must be broken down, packed, secured, moved…and then reinstalled at the new location.
Workforce mobility is critical in today’s business world and we know that no two organizations are alike. Different businesses pose different moving challenges. That means that when they need moving, they need help from professional office movers to ensure that the move or relocation goes smoothly and efficiently.
It is important to have a solid relocation policy in place for moving services – even if your organization relocates a small number of employees. During the office moving process, we will break down your current office, safely pack all items, move everything and then re-install it at the new location – all to your specifications. Workstations and cubicles, which can often be large, heavy and difficult to disassemble and then reassemble, can add complexity to the move. Furniture installation requires specific training to make sure assembly is done correctly…and safely. Your furniture is an expensive investment – you want setup done right! Fortunately in this case, we provide teams of professional movers who are experienced with all major brands of office furniture. They know how to quickly (and correctly) breakdown and put back together desks, workstations, cubes and more.
That’s one of the main things that separates Versatile Moving from other commercial moving companies and residential movers – we have well over a decade of focused experience with the installation and assembly of all types of office furniture.
In fact, we take care to protect not only your furniture and equipment, but your building as well.  Precautions include using rubber-wheeled dollies, providing tempered masonite to cover carpet and tile floors, protective padding for walls and elevators, and cardboard to protect glass and doors where needed.
While there are common challenges throughout, every moving solution we offer is customized to fit the culture, priorities, budget and requirements of your organization. That level of care and attention to detail is why you can choose us as your corporate moving company. You can count on Versatile Moving to get your key employees in the right place at the right time.
Whether you are a retail establishment, or manufacturing facility, knowing that our staff possesses versatile experience will leave you with peace of mind. Moving your business can be a stressful undertaking, often leaving many opportunities to make mistakes, both big and small. Missing or inaccurate inventory, product and component misplacements, unacceptable downtime, poorly laid out traffic, are all common side effects for businesses who opt against using a professional. All of these can adversely effect you productivity, resulting in a tremendous loss of revenue. Versatile Moving commercial movers team is prepared to take your move to the next level. 
For retail customers large and small, Versatile Moving is prepared to pack your items, disassemble floor stands & displays, transport them to your new location, and put it all back together like new, often without closing your business, saving potentially valuable sales. Depending on your requirements, a full barcoded inventory is created at origin & confirmed at destination.  The results: A clean fresh start. 
Manufacturing & Warehousing 
For manufacturing and warehousing facilities, heavy machinery operators, as well as crane and rigging work may be required. We have a team that specializes in these specific services. From production equipment to pallet racking, Versatile Moving is prepared for the job. We ensure minimal if any downtime. Start to finish for both, our experienced project managers can help plan and organize proper material flows within your new facility, storage and equipment layout, shipping and receiving material transfers, and even implement customized inventory controls procedures.
With more than 10 years of moving experience, you can be assured Versatile Moving has the experience and expertise you are looking for in a full-service corporate moving company. To learn more about our corporate moving benefits, please contact our corporate movers at 416-828-9363.