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There is a need for Versatile Moving specialty moving.
When it comes down to moving expensive, sensitive, or exceptionally heavy materials our specialized moving experts can handle anything you need relocated. Although our normal residential and commercial services are designed to move your everyday items, certain objects such as appliances, pianos, pool tables, fine art and antique items, hot tubs, trampoline, acquariums require more attention due to their fragility and value.

We take great pride in our role as the specialized mover of choice for many families and businesses in Ontario. We are constantly investing in the training and retraining of our speciality moving crews and the newest moving technology to ensure the highest level of service.

Our specialized movers personalize your relocation to make sure that you receive the high-quality relocation services you expect :


* Appliances


Buying a new major appliance isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Often, life events prompt these purchases.
When the doctor says it’s twins, your aging washer-dryer stack doesn’t look like it will be up to the demands that are about to be placed on it.When your refrigerator struggles to keep foods cold, it’s time to start searching before it gives out completely and leaves you with a week’s worth of ruined food. We are going to offer you any kind of support you’ll need to pick up , delivery and assemble your new appliances. The old one we can remove from your premises as a garbage (some fees will be charged).


* (Grand) Piano


Versatile Moving offers (grand) piano moving, piano tuning, any types of repair, and pianos for rent or sale (we offer many different types of new and used pianos).
These large instruments are hard to move without causing damage to the piano itself or the walls and doorways in the home.That is unless you hire Versatile Moving to move your high-value keyboard instrument with precision and care to ensure its safety.We have all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure we can fit the piano in and out of any area so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. We have been serving people with all types of piano requirements and complexity and we want to put that experience to work for you. We can help you with moving your piano to a new home across the city or across the country as well as to the USA. We can also provide piano renting service for events such as weddings or birthdays where a piano makes a great addition to the environment. We’ll deliver the piano to the proper location, get it set up and tuned properly and then also pick it up when you no longer need it.
For expert piano tuning in GTA after a move, or any time you feel it is out of tune we can send our experienced technician out to your home or performance area to tune any type of piano to perfection. The result will be a better sound and higher ability to create music. Not having your piano tuned for a couple of years will cause moisture to collect on the strings. This problem makes the strings rust and lose their tone thus causing more issues.
In addition, if you don’t yet have a place to keep your piano, but you don’t want to sell it than we can also offer piano storage in Toronto. We always store pianos in a climate controlled environment and keep it safe from any type of damage. When you’re ready to have the piano brought back to your home, just give us a call and we’ll deliver it anywhere. After all, whatever you need related to pianos we can help at 647-347-2021.

             * Pool Table


Versatile Moving team will come to your desired location, dismantle your pool table of all sizes and manufacturers, then fully matt & protect your table. We will then relocate it to a new location, customers home, or business.


* Fitness Equipment


We prepare all home gym equipment, including treadmills, elliptical machines,stair climbers and home gyms as well as free weight collections and nautilus weightlifting systems. Our crew will expertly disassemble and pack each machine or piece of equipment and ensure safe delivery and proper reassembly upon arrival.



03168b1When considering what size trampoline to buy be sure you have enough room for the trampoline. Make sure you have space around the trampoline and nothing underneath and clear overhead. Check for low tree branches, overhead wires and uneven ground. In addition, you will need to consider how water from rain, snow or even normal gardening will drain out from underneath the trampoline.


* Hot Tub / Jacuzzi 

jacuzzi-outdoor-hot-tubs1Hot Tubs / Jacuzzi are just plain big and awkward to handle. Generally, we move them over uneven ground and trying to squeeze them through narrow walkways to your backyard. Hot Tubs often require special dollies and skids made to make it managable to move around with out damaging it.


* Gazebo


Maybe you’ve always dreamed about the idea of having a gazebo in your backyard or garden area, but most likely you might have thought that a gazebo would be too expensive or too difficult to be build. But perhaps all you need is experienced Versatile Moving specialists who can custom assemble or disassemble your gazebo at affordable prices. We do precision work with attention to detail on all gazebos projects we take on. If you’d like a quote for custom gazebo installation just call us at 647-347-2021 or fill out our fast contact form, tell us what you need and we will get back to you quickly with a quote. When customizing your gazebo price factors will include size, material, and style.


Aquariums and Fish Tank 

fish tanks1

Do you need a professional terrarium / aquarium mover? It’s important to hire professionals to help you with aquarium moving because there are many factors which you must take into account. The oxygen levels in the fish water and filter, The keeping alive of the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium, the various plumbing disconnetion and reconnection just to name a few.

The Tank

The biggest concern when moving a tank is preserving the established bacteria colony that lives in the filtration system. Since tanks must be completely drained and emptied before moving, holding back four or eight litres of the old tank’s water will preserve a section of healthy bacteria. This water can make it easier to help establish a balanced environment in your new location.
Keep in mind: Bacteria will begin to die within a few hours of being moved into a stagnant, anaerobic environment. Moving your water is only an option for trips of a few hours or less.

The Fish

Fish are difficult to move and some may perish in transit. Most aquarium fish can’t tolerate minor changes in water quality, temperature, lighting conditions, or physical trauma like sloshing, noise, jolts and vibrations. You can move fish by hand over short distances (a few hours at the most) in individual, insulated containers either sealed with oxygen or equipped with portable aerating equipment.
Long-distance moves may require carefully packing and shipping fish by air, which can be very expensive. When calculating how long the fish will be in transit, be sure to consider the total take-down and set-up time, including how long the new aquarium will need to “season” before it’s ready to accept fish.

To save yourself the trouble and save your pets or fish from hardship call us at 647-347-2021 for move any size terrarium or aquarium to any location.


Antiques and Fine Arts 

Fine Arts

Our state-of-the-art moving technology allows us to carefully pack, load, transport, and deliver your most valuable pieces of art.

Medical Offices & Hospital / Laboratory Equipment


Choose Versatile Moving as your medical equipment mover for your medical office, hospital, or laboratory moving needs today. We have years of experience moving for medical offices and specialize in specific moving operations like medical equipment moving, healthcare machinery, medical laboratory or other lab equipment as well as any medical accessories, tools and furniture. We work with important, highly fragile items all the time. We take precision and precious care moving your sensitive hardware,instruments, and equipment. It’s as important to us as it is to you!
Find out today at 647-347-2021 why so many already chose Versatile Moving for specialty moving services like moving laboratory, hospital and other medical equipment.


Computers and Electronics 

Computer and Electronics1

Moving computers and electronics requires a certain type of care, precision and efficiency. Versatile Moving is experienced at moving and staging a variety of computing and data equipment, as well as configuring complex network hardware. From personal PC workstations and phones, PC peripherals, printer stations to entire data centers Versatile Moving can move large scale electronics as well as prepare them for functionality in their new office. We know how to pack up and unpack servers and any network equipment you need to bring with you. Once we arrive at your new office with your data center, computers and other electronic equipment, we can set up and assemble data racks, servers and mainframes. We take care of the technical work, so you can focus on moving your company and your team to your new office. We do not neglect smaller personal electronics and treat IP Phones and PCs with care, so they arrive in your new space or data center working just like they did in your old office.

We give our customers thorough assistance in:

– Equipment installation / de-installation, moving and staging
– Electronics crating / uncrating
– Rack set-up and assembly
– Network cabling

Contact us at 647-347-2021 if you are moving offices and need to take your data center and electronics with y